P.I. Cotes Baixes, Calle A, 4 - Alcoy (03804) - Alicante
+34 96 552 05 97


Founded in 1993, it was born to accommodate new generations of the family of founder Rafael Rafael Gonzaga Gonzaga Aracil SL in 1961. Thus, with all the experience of its founder and all illusions and energy of Nuria, Wake, Oscar and Sergio, he settled in Alcoy a section weaving which currently has more than 30 Jacquard looms and 10 Lizos all them in 280cm wide.

Thus, each new development of the factory Export Gonzaga, joins textile tradition and experience to new approaches in design and innovation thus achieving competitive textile products.

Gonzaga Export S.L. is dedicated to the manufacture of all types of fabrics and items for decoration and upholstery, for its weaving section within the same company, it is a major support for the development and creation of new collections.

It is therefore an agile and modern company with a vocation of service to its customers develop, besides, a business policy in which the quality and regularity of premium tissue, which has characterized them in different markets working.